GPO Magazine Issue 006 – December 2015

Hello-ho-ho, dear listeners, and welcome to a veritable winter warmer of a magazine, brought to you as ever by the best and the brightest stars in the podcasting sky, and providing far better gifts than a bit of shiny metal and some whiffy tree sap.

In this month’s Santeriffic issue:

  • The Black Dog crew ply your ears with more geeky news discussion
  • Tanja Huvila comes over all Snorkmaiden in a delightfully whimsical Joy of Stacks
  • Jim Moon delves into the origins of the seasonal ghost story in Chill Corner
  • The Newmans crave a word about Couch Co-Op in Gloriously Geeky
  • A very special Random Gaming journeys into the past, with potentially embarrassing results
  • The Binges & Box Sets crew gets decidedly Strange with the help of Mr. Norrell
  • Matt Dillon – that’s me! – is joined by Jeff Holland for The Inevitable Star Wars Conversation
  • The Orgs strap on their eyepatches in honour of the rebirth of the world’s greatest secret agent
  • And we are once again joined by toasted film critic Isaac for a final thought to send you on your way