GPO Magazine Issue 005 – November 2015

Remember, remember, what’s out in November,
If podcatchers can be suitably goaded.
I can’t think of a reason, in this wintery season,
Why it wouldn’t be downloaded!

  • Darren Barnard & Lee Medcalf treat you to another bumper crop of discussion in Black Dog News
  • We’ve a double-dose of Orgs! This month our resident Trekkers cover for an out-of-office Gillian Coyle as they come Late To The Party with The Hunger Games and The Fast and the Furious, before settling in to their regular slot for a look at Pokemon: The Indigo League in Orgtoons!
  • Tanja Huvila explains her enduring and timeless love for the late Sir Terry Pratchett in The Joy of Stacks
  • Jim Moon recommends some eerie viewing for your winter DVD marathon in Chill Corner
  • Emma and Peter Newman are Gloriously Geeky about Penny Dreadful
  • Hugh David and Anna Lorimer ponder over a Dark Matter in Binges & Boxsets
  • And new columnist Natalie Juhasz takes over the reigns at Random Gaming with a look at the murky world of Edutainment

    We hope you enjoy!