GPO Magazine Issue 002 – August 2015

Welcome back to GPO Magazine, the official podcast of! In our spectacular, action-packed second issue:

  • Lee Medcalf and Darren Barnard bring you another liberal dose of Black Dog News
  • Tanja Huvila finds beauty in darkness as she explores Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones
  • Jim Moon spots a light over at the Frankenstein place and walks you through the strange and terrible history of the old dark house in Chill Corner
  • Emma and Peter Newman get their sleuthing hats on for a celebration of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries in Gloriously Geeky
  • Amber Lawrence talks about the effect of choice-based video games on General Anxiety Disorder in Random Gaming
  • Hugh David is joined by Anna Lorimer to discuss the Straczynski – Warchowski Netflix Original Sense8, in Binges & Boxsets
  • Gillian Coyle returns with two more buried nuggets for your instant video queue, this month connected by mysterious government bases, in Next Flicks
  • Anne-Marie and Peter Organ delve into a world of tiny plastic martial artists as they explore Lego Ninjago in OrgToons
  • And despite our better judgement we are joined once again by legendary film reviewer Isaac, better known as comedian Jeff Holland, for a no-doubt insightful Final Thought

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